Hair Removal Stats and Tips

7 Jul

Practically all women, and some men, want their leg, arm and underarm hair gone. Some remove their hair permanently with Lazar-Hair-Removal. Others use creams and lotions to remove their unwanted hair. But the 2 most common ways of hair removal are waxing and shaving.


  • Women who shave? 58%
  • Women who wax? 21%
  • Women who use creams and lotions? 18%
  • Women who use Lazar treatment? 2%
  • Women who don’t remove hair? Less than 1% 
  • Men who shave other than their face? Less that 1%

I shave using a disposable razor. Now I’m going to give you some tips that I have learned from experience. 

  • Always make sure your legs are wet when using soap.
  • When shaving underarms, use a thin and clear soap or cream.
  • Use a disposable razor until you notice that you have to push uncomfortably hard to cut the hair.
  • If using a brand new razor, don’t press very hard. They’re sharper than you would think. 
  • Pat your legs dry after shaving. Rubbing can irritate your skin.
  • Use lotions/moisturizers that don’t have some sort of alcohol as the first or second ingredient. this can make your skin burn.

I hope that all of these tips were helpful. I would recommend some products, but everyone’s skin is different. Sorry

  xo xo aubrey 

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